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Digital Student Exchange
What can you expect?
Cross-cultural Experience
Each meeting pairs students from the United States with Russian peers. During a time when travel opportunities are limited, you will have a unique chance to meet friends from other cultures, get to know one another and learn more about yourself.
Online Meetings
Your cultural exchange will consist of three online meetings. Together you'll go through various tests and tools that help you explore and understand your own values, perspectives and spiritual beliefs. Each meeting should last around 60 minutes.
Modern Tools
The tests and tools you will use are designed to help you understand yourself, your story and your values. Going through them with students from another culture will help you understand the way your cultural values and beliefs about God have helped form your own worldview.
Peer Format
There is no one "in charge." Rather, this is a chance for you to meet with a student from another culture who is in the same season of life and to learn together. You will receive questions and tools to guide your conversation. But where you take that conversation is up to you!
Meeting One
Soularium Photo-survey
Meeting Two:
Life Maps
Meeting Three:
Perspectives Cards
Discover a new world.
Discover your own.
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